Moving on from where Plain English ends…

Plain English in customer communication

Clear customer communication needs more than Plain English

Plain English is fantastic.  The thing that scares me is that we still need it, 33 years after the brilliant, campaigning Chrissie Maher founded it.  Local authorities, organisations and NGOs are still producing communication that people struggle to understand.  But Plain English is just the start of good communication – a foundation.

There’s so much more to communicating with customers, with staff, with stakeholders.  What about transactional analysis; communicating to people with a tone that’s adult to adult?  What about tone of voice?  What about using behavioural psychology techniques in communication?

Plain English adds a vital level of comprehensibility to communication – but there is so, so much more to communicating effectively.  Here’s our Managing Director, Mark McArthur-Christie, explaining why:

Moving on from Plain English from Rubuss on Vimeo.

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Mark McArthur-Christie

I'm managing director at Rubuss. We work in taking operational customer communication and turning it from an overhead into a business asset.