Tone of Voice Training

Tone of voice training to help you define and use your tone of voice through the whole customer journey. Discover – and master – a unique tone of voice to use throughout your business.

How you sound as a business has a huge impact on how customers react to you.  And it applies to every department from Brand to Accounts – consistency in brand voice is essential.  Customers need to hear the same tone from everyone – whether on your website, in social media or from your customer services team.

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Create a tone of voice that’s clear, customer-centric and human

Our tone of voice workshop and course is designed for people looking at tone of voice in their organisation. It takes you through a clear, simple process to understand, refine and implement a unique tone of voice – one that transforms how your whole business communicates with customers.

Run by professionals who have developed tone of voice for multinational businesses, charities and Government regulators, this tone of voice workshop makes sure you find the right tone of voice.

It gives you a practical action plan for implementing and using it throughout the organisation too. We’ll take you from brand positioning, through your communication touchpoints and give you a firm, implementable plan.

  • Depending on level of depth needed, we’ve run this course in half-day, full day or 2 day sessions.
  • We’ve delivered this course at client offices and offsite.
  • Course material is always included for you to take away and use practically and share with your teams.

Developing a tone of voice that transforms the way you sound

This is a hands-on module that gives participants a clear understanding of why tone of voice matters (written and verbally), how to change and use it effectively to to improve relationships with customers.

We use a series of practical exercises to discover the problems with your existing tone of voice (it may be simply that you’ve never quantified it), find the most appropriate new tone of voice for you and show you how to get everyone using it.

A selection of areas from our Tone of Voice course and workshop:

Because the delegates on every course want different things from it, we keep the content as flexible as possible. Some of the areas we’ll include:

What tone of voice is:

  • Why tone of voice matters
  • Why it’s everyone in the organisation’s responsibility
  • Written and spoken tone of voice
  • The extremes of tone to avoid
  • Being consistent

Finding your tone of voice:

  • What’s the personality of your tone of voice?
  • What does your organisation sound like now?
  • What makes you sound the way you do?
  • How does that differ from reality

Using your tone of voice:

  • Practically, what does your new tone sound like?
  • How do you use your tone in every department in the business
  • Overcoming resistance to your new tone
  • How to help people understand and use the new tone

Reflect a more human face to your business

  • A clear understanding of what tone of voice is and its importance in customer behaviour and reactions
  • Understanding of the problems with your current tone of voice
  • An outline of a new tone of voice for your organisation
  • Implementable, practical ways to get your new tone off the ground
  • Ways to overcome resistance to the new tone
  • Ways to integrate your new tone into the business

Helping define what you say and how you say it

This course is relevant for anyone tasked with developing or using tone of voice in their organisation.

It works particularly well for fast-growing businesses, third sector organisations, social enterprises, regulators and local & national government departments.

Tone of Voice training that’s practical and customer-centric

Let us know if you’d like us to run a dedicated course for you. We can either take our existing course and modify it slightly to fit your business or build a completely new course on the same subject that fits your specific needs.

Think we can help?

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