Writing Skills Training for Customer Service

Writing skills training for customer service

Writing skills training for service teams that transforms how and what they write to customers.

Bespoke and relevant

Designed around the needs of your team, using live, relevant examples.

Delivered by practitioners

Writing skills training delivered by experts who work in the field everyday.

Online or face-to-face

Available at your office or virtually on our e-learning platform.

Clearer, simpler, more human writing to customers

When you change the way you communicate with customers, remarkable things happen. We train your teams to write effective customer letters, emails, live chat and social media responses. The team’s confidence grows, so the material they write is better. Fewer complaints, fewer escalations, clearer responses. Better for everyone.

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Virtual courses Available

If, like many people at the moment, your teams are spread out or working from home we can deliver this course remotely. You’ll still get the same level of bespoke tailoring, relevant examples and interactive exercises – just using our flexible, online platform. If this is something you’d like to explore do let us know and we can talk through the options.

Writing Skills Training for Customer Service

Transform the writing skills of your customer care teams

Clear, easy-to-understand writing is becoming more important than ever. As call volumes fall, so support emails, complaint responses, everyday emails and FAQs become more important. And your teams need to be able to write effectively, persuasively and clearly.

It’s all about writing that engages customers and resolves their queries effectively. And that’s exactly what our course gives you the skills and confidence to do.

Why run this writing course

Our writing skills courses show your team how to write consistently brilliantly for customers – delivered in a way that’s engaging, fun and interactive. Everyone gets the chance to chip in and get involved, learning in the process.

Teams leave confident, inspired and understanding just how powerful written communication can be. In short, it’s practical writing for better communication. 

Depending on level of depth needed, we’ve run this course in half-day, full day or 2 day sessions. We can deliver this course at client offices and offsite. Course material is always included for you to take away and use practically and share with your teams.

Writing Skills Training for Customer Service

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Greater confidence and a human tone when writing to customers

This course takes theory and makes it interactive – we’ll explore the theory of writing, then convert it into real-world examples using your current, live material. It gives you tools – and confidence – you can use straight away in your day-to-day customer work.  

Your teams will quickly be producing writing that’s clear, understandable and human. The course is right for anyone who needs to write to customers – even short-form emails – as part of their job.

Subjects we’ll cover on our Writing for Customer Services training course:

Because the delegates on every course want different things from it, we keep the content as flexible as possible. Some of the areas we often include are:

  • The importance of writing to customers
  • The impact of writing to customers
  • How customers really read – on and off line
  • How customers perceive organisations that write well – and badly
  • The customer’s world and how to enter it
  • What matters to customers when you’re writing to them
  • Why customers sometimes seem not to ‘get it’
  • Simple structures that will get emails and letters read – not ignored
  • The difference between writing emails and letters
  • Case studies from different industries
  • Why spill chick will let you down – the importance of proofing and reading
  • Using different written tones of voice in different situations
  • Review clinics on live material

Immediate improvements in how your teams write to customers

  • A clear understanding of best practice in modern written communication
  • Practical ways to apply theory in the real-world to remove ambiguity, promote clarity and bring simplicity
  • Techniques and methods for  complex or emotionally sensitive material that won’t cause negative feedback
  • Easy everyday grammar (including that difficult apostrophe)
  • An understanding of the impact written communication has on customer relationships
Writing Skills Training for Customer Service

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Writing skills training for teams who want to wrtie to customers like a pro

This course is for you if you write to customers (or for customers) through white mail, social or digital channels. It’s also vital for content generators who want to produce content that’s clear, engaging and understandable. We also cover writing for social media, where good writing makes the difference between engagement and failure.

Teams we’ve trained

We’ve trained customer-focused teams from almost every industry in better customer writing. Every course is bespoke, so it answers your questions and solves your problems.

  • Customer Service Teams
  • Social Media Complaint Handling
  • Technical Support Teams
  • Live Chat Service Support
  • On-boarding Teams
  • Compliance & legal teams
  • Debt recovery departments
  • Sales and account management
  • Renewal and contract teams
  • Specialist financial service teams

Totally bespoke writing training

We’ll design the course around the skills your teams need – picking the areas of writing that best suit where they struggle.

Whether it’s simple grammar and plain english or complex argument flows and technical documents. We co-design the course with you to include the channels and topics your team will find most useful.

Course run by experts in communication and writing

Our writing skills training is run by industry practitioners who are working on live customer experience and communication projects. They bring up-to-the-minute insight, knowledge and approaches to your teams. You get training delivered by seasoned experts who can share what they know with your teams.

We can also support you in the development of customer service communication including templates, knowledge bases, standard paragraphs and administrative customer content.

Writing Skills Training for Customer Service

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