A Guide to Tone of Voice in Customer Experience

Tone of voice in customer experience

Areas where tone of voice can positively engage customers and improve your customer experience across all your service touchpoints.

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It’s not what you said – it’s how you said it. Getting your tone right will make customer relationships easier and more profitable. What written tone of voice do you use when you communicate with customers? This case study outlines best practice and gives you some recent examples of effective tone of voice in operational customer communication. If you’re finding you don’t get the reaction you want from customers, or your brand tone isn’t flowing through all your customer touchpoints, a review of your brand tone will help.

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James Freeman-Gray

I'm co-founder here at Rubuss. I work across service design, customer experience, complaints and cultural change. I'm also an executive coach supporting leaders to take a human-centred approach to empowering their teams.